Private In-home Behavior Consulting?
  • ​Dogs that are reactive/disruptive in a group setting and need extra help
  • Environmental behavior issues that require in-home assessment and modification
  • Owners who want specialized instruction 
  • Multi-dog households

Dogs that are biting or afraid of humans are not dogs that we​ can help with due to limited resources.  We can refer you to a N.E. Ohio veterinary behaviorist.

If you would like information about our Consulting, please fill out the following application LINK

Behavior Consulting Fees (additional travel fee may be added):
Initial 10-15 minute review of application: No Charge
Initial In-home 75 minute Consultation/Lesson​, includes written assessment & action plan $120
Package of four 60-minute in-home lessons $385
Are Private Obedience Lessons Right for Me and my Dog?
​If you would like information about our Private Lessons, please call us at 440-255-3500. We will do a brief phone interview to see if Private Lessons are the best option for you and your pet. Private Lessons can be arranged at your home or at our facility.

  • Dogs that are disruptive in a group setting and need basic manners
  • Time-challenged owners who cannot commit to a 6-week group session
  • Proud parents of a new puppy who need help puppy-proofing their home
  • Owners who want personal instruction for housetraining, crate-training or unwanted behaviors such as jumping, mouthing or other common challenges

Private Lesson Fees:
Initial 10-15 minute phone interview:  No charge

Private lessons at our training center
One hour lesson: $75
Half hour lesson $50

Private Lessons In-home (travel fees may be added)
Initial In-home 60 minute Lesson​, includes verbal action plan $90
Package of four in-home 60-minute private lessons $350

New Puppy Special
Congratulations on your new puppy!  Our 75 minute in-home new puppy visit includes:
  • ​Puppy Proofing your home
  • Assessment of crates, leashes, collars & harnesses
  • Schedule for housetraining & feeding
  • Intro to Puppy Manners Training
  • Q & A
  • Copy of Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer book

75 Minute Lesson $135 for locations within 10 miles of NE Mentor.
Private Lessons & Behavior Consulting: Available in January 2024
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