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PUPPY & ADULT MANNERS:  1 hour per week for 6 consecutive weeks $135
Brand new to training? Click HERE for a training flow chart to help select a class.

P1 - Positive Puppy 
Pups 9-20 weeks old have fun with positive reinforcement! Goals for this class are Socialization, Self Control & Focus. Intro to sits/downs/recall/walking on leash/no jumping.

P2 - Advanced Puppy 
Graduates of Positive Puppy learn more advanced skills and behaviors that will make them a Canine Good Citizen. 

P3 - Puppy Adolescents
Pups 5 months to 1 year of age with no formal training. Start your older puppy off with skills to combat canine teenage challenges.  Learn basic skills and work on problem behaviors.

F1A - Adult Manners
Dogs over 1 year of age with no formal training.  Basic skills such as self-control, attention, loose-leash walking, sit/stay, down/stay and recall. 

F1B - Advanced Manners Workshop
Prerequisite: Instructor permission and graduate from one of following classes- F1A: Adult Manners; P3: Puppy Adolescent; P2: Advanced Puppy.  This open ended workshop is for students who want to learn more about training theory and dog behavior.

F2A- Pre-Canine Good Citizen
Graduates of Advanced Puppy, Puppy Adolescents or Adult Manners will be introduced to the skills for the Canine Good Citizen Test (see below.) 

F2B - Canine Good Citizen
Graduates of Pre-Canine Good Citizen.  Become a Canine Good Citizen! Polish skills and build confidence for better behavior at home and in public.  Students will take the CGC Test the last week of class if all students are ready. Test items include:
  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Allow paws and ears to be touched; brief brush or combing
  • Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and Down on command and Staying in place
  • Come when called
  • Reaction to passing by another dog
  • Reaction to a distraction (such as a dropped item or person running by)
  • Supervised Separation (leave your dog with a friendly stranger while you go out of sight)

​F3 - Foundations 3: Beginner Novice & Intro to Rally
Ready for more obedience fun? This class will introduce beginner novice obedience and rally skills.  

BEYOND FOUNDATIONS OBEDIENCE & RALLY;  1 hour/week for 6 consecutive weeks

BF4 - Novice & Graduate Novice
Advanced heeling skills, attention work as well as footwork, handling skills and rally techniques as they relate to obedience. Prerequisite: Instructor permission or F3 completion.

BF5 - Open /Utility 
Learn and perfect more advanced skills needed for AKC, CKC, UKC open and/or utility. Whether your goal is competing or just for fun this class will provide upper level instruction. Prerequisite Instructor permission / mastery of BF 4 skills

Rally is a sport in which handler & dog teams navigate a course of stations, each requiring a specific skill. Unlimited communication between dog and handler is allowed, and the emphasis is upon FUN!  

AGILITY: Most classes meet for 6 consecutive weeks

A1- Intro to Agility
Dogs must be 9 months of age or older and be able to sit/down, stay and recall with other dogs nearby. Learn flatwork and low-level equipment. Most students stay at this level for 2-6 sessions

A2 - Beginning Agility
Build strong foundation skills including safe and reliable contact performance ( 2 on, 2 off and running), weaves (2x2 method), turning and side changes (FC, RC, BC), correct cues, sequence recognition and basic handling using mini courses. Prerequisite instructor permission

A3 - Intermediate Agility
Practice flatwork, crosses and sequences on full-height AKC regulation obstacles. Run increasingly complicated sequences. Analyze courses for competition or fun. Prerequisite instructor permission

A4 - Advanced Agility 
We will continue to work on contact and jumping skills via specific drills. Introduction to distance work and refinement of cues while on the move. Analyze & practice increasingly complicated sequences for competition or just for fun. Prerequisite instructor permission 

A5 - Excellent/Masters Agility
Prerequisite -Instructor Permission. Email to be evaluated.

Therapy Dog Workshop and Test
We will review and define expectations for working as a therapy team. Dogs should already have the obedience skills needed for therapy dog work. Prerequisite - completion of our Canine Good Citizen class or equivalent level of training.   The Therapy Dogs International test will be given the last week of the test.

​Therapy Dog Certification
We will administer the Therapy Dogs International Test to dogs 1 year of age and above. Registration required.
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