Personal Training for Time-Challenged Pet Owners

How It Works

Day Training is currently offered on Wednesdays (small breeds only) OR Thursdays at our Mentor location.  Your pet attends one day per week for three weeks.  A  Trainer will work with your dog each week teaching the following skills: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Leave it, and No Jumping.  We will practice both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting.).  Your dog will also participate in monitored group play for polite manners and socialization, based upon appropriate temperament and age.  

Wednesdays: Drop-off: 8:00am    Pick-up 11:00am    Wednesdays are limited to dog 35 pounds and under, 7 months of age or less.

Thursdays: Drop-off 3:00pm   Pick-up 6:00pm     Thursdays are open to any size dog under 8 months of age.

You will receive review materials that include video links for the skills taught.


The day training program is designed for puppies and young dogs 12 weeks - 7 months of age that
need to learn basic manner skills.  Dogs must be current on vaccines, including age-appropriate
DHPP/DAPP, Bordetella and a negative fecal test. This program is not appropriate for dogs needing
 behavior modification for issues such as aggression, resource guarding and reactivity.

Benefits of Day Training​ 

  • We can personalize your pet's curriculum
  • Professional handling ensures efficient learning
  • Your pet learns manners skills toward humans and other dogs
  • Progress is enhanced by one-to-one training
  • The session is limited to 3 dogs


3 Week session (every Wednesday OR Thursday for 3 consecutive weeks) $225.
440-255-3500   Training
440-255-7387    Boarding & Daycare
440-521-7297     Grooming